The workshop for the Creative Europe Programme was successfully held in Volos!

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The workshop was organised by the Creative Europe Desk Greece, of the European Union Department of the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the Municipal Organization of Education, Sports, Culture (DOEPAP) – DIPETHE of the Municipality of Volos (February 28 and March 1) was held with great success in the city of Volos, on the topic “Creative Europe Programme / Culture invitations and how to make a successful application”.

The workshop was held at the Nea Ionia Cultural Center, on February 28, with representatives of cultural institutions, artists and cultural professionals from the wider region of Magnesia. Ms Chr. Drantaki, Head of the Culture Directorate of DOEPAP – DIPETHE, made a detailed presentation of the history of cultural production in the Volos area. At the same time, she connected cultural actions with European programs.

The representative of the Creative Europe Office of Greece, Mr K. Trakosas, presented the basic invitations for the Creative Europe Programme / Culture. In the first part of the workshop, there was a detailed discussion about the primary call of the Culture sub-programme, the European Cooperation Projects, with a particular focus on how the agencies will be able to make a successful application. In the second part of the workshop, proposals were made for the Innovation Lab invitation and the Music Moves Europe and New European Bauhaus actions.

On the second day (March 1st) specialized meetings were held with representatives of cultural organizations at the Volos City Hall. There was a detailed discussion about the actions that the agencies want to develop and how they will be able to integrate their specific projects into European competitive programs and specifically into the Transnational Cooperation Plans. Artists and cultural professionals were particularly interested in learning about how they could develop cooperation with European institutions.