I-Portunus third Call: Greece in the top ten of valid applications

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The results of the valid applications for the third Call of the European Commission’s Mobility scheme for artists and cultural professionals, I-Portunus, have been announced.

According to them, valid applicants who reside in Greece have made it to the top ten. More specifically, the top 10 countries of residence of applicants are Germany (71 valid applicants), France (68), UK (50), Italy (46), Spain (37), Greece (33), Ukraine (24), the Netherlands (21), Poland (18), Hungary (17) and Serbia (16).

The total amount of valid applications throughout Europe corresponds to 832 individuals.

Concerning the requested destinations, Greece has also made it to the top 10. According to the statistics, that have been announced by the EC, Greece is the eighth most popular destination.

Mobilities for international collaborations are most in-demand (44,2%), closely followed by production-oriented residencies (41%). Professional development comes far behind (14,8%).

For more informations please visit the I-Portunus website, HERE.