WE ARE EUROPE is the cooperation project of 8 festivals / forums that promote electronic, independent, digital and visual cultures and offer debates and meetings in the margins of their musical programming. These events, prescribers of emerging artists and new uses, are reflexive platforms where political debates and perspectives on the world and the challenges of our contemporary societies coexist. With a first 3-year cooperation that has allowed each organization to tackle new territories and expand audiences, the cooperators wish to take a new step with WAE 2. The enhanced cooperation aims at highlighting and promoting the younger generations of artists, researchers, cultural actors and entrepreneurs, journalists and European authors who, by creation, culture, social innovation, entrepreneurship and imagination, (re)think the future and participate at their own level in the civic reconstruction of Europe.

Three core objectives:

1) Identifing, linking and valueing the initiatives of cultural, economic and social transformation and those who carry them

out: the development of a new approach of co-curation aiming at a collective selection of an annual panorama of

“European change makers”, lies at the heart of the second WAE cooperation project. These actors will be programmed and promoted at the 8 festivals / forums.

2) Spreading the image and sharing the values of WAE on other continents by relying on international partner events:

Sònar Hong Kong or Nuits sonores Bogota.

3) Disseminating these initiatives beyond events through the creation of a WAE digital media and the development of partnerships with new European media. Creation of an editorial board and a network of local correspondents who, by their articles and reports, will shed light on different cultural, economic, societal or political issues in Europe each week.