We are Europe

WE ARE EUROPE is a 8 festivals-forums cooperation project which works for promoting electronic, independent, digital and visual cultures in Europe. This project will unfold for three years around two parts : an artistic one and a professional and political one. Each collaborator will propose a program for its seven partners as a part of their festival : 56 dedicated stages, artistic backgrounds, cartes blanches program, event concerts, installations will aim to present a strong cultural diversity in cultural, independent and visual cultures, a right balance between headliners and newcomers, mixing local, national, European and international artists which will bring an important intercultural dialogue between them. The festival invited will be a curator of a program, a stage or a project. European artists will be exposed and the artistic direction of each partner will be valued and enhanced to local audiences, which will promote the guest European event to develop its public and recognition and exporting its identity and culture across the whole Europe. The idea is also to introduce local young artistic talents to a European audience and get these newcomers on stage at a major international festival through a strong professional visibility and the support of partner festivals. The aim of the professional component of WE ARE EUROPE is to encourage the mobility of ideas and the birth of a political awareness in Europe through conferences and debates organized in each partner event. 24 professional forums will be held over the 3 years of the collaboration, focusing on renewal strategies and cultural policies in Europe, the redefinition of cultural entrepreneurship and the role of Culture in the city of tomorrow.