Un-Label-New grounds for inclusive Performing Arts

One of the major challenges of the large European society is the understanding and the acceptance of otherness. Our civilisation claims to give equal chances to everybody, no matter the gender, the skin colour, the physical or mental dissimilarities, the sexual orientations etc, but it deliberately promotes standards that are common to nobody, keeping the “uncommon” in the vestibule. Un-Label is an inclusive, intercultural, interdisciplinary, artistic project that aims to celebrate uniqueness under the simple assumption that “there is no identity without otherness”. Immerging professional performers with and without disabilities -supported by a group of experienced cultural workers, scientists and artists- will invest their skills and creativity in a dynamic inclusive dialogue, both on a national and European level. A group of 8 mixed-abled young artists will be trained through tandem workshops to form the core team of the project. They will then travel to all partner countries delivering workshops of inclusive performing arts to young artists with and without disabilities. The workshops will result in work in progress performances and will be followed by symposia, where political, cultural and social representatives will participate in a constructive dialogue that will attempt to generate an agenda of inclusive activities. The core team, enriched with the experience of this first phase and with 8 more newly recruited artists from the workshops, will participate in a creative residency in Germany where they will develop and rehears an interdisciplinary inclusive performance that will be touring in all partner countries. The first performance will be held in Cologne in the framework of Sommerblut festival, accompanied by an international symposium. All performances as well as the international symposium will be supported by audience development tools (audio and text description). All activities will result in a workbook, a compilation of inclusive European practices.