Ulysses Shelter

The “Ulysses’ Shelter” is in its entirety developed around Literature, namely Poetry. In its core it is focused on creative/artistic writing that will be conducted through literary residencies in Croatia, Slovenia and Greece. The idea is to connect the young creative individuals with their audiences beyond national borders, as well as to connect them with creative industries sector, seen as the opportunity to sensitize the audience for new, emerging literary voices across Europe.


The circular scheme of the project, with the priority of transnational mobility, will give young authors an opportunity to work, perform and present themselves in different social and cultural contexts, while the residency programme will try to reach the objectives by:


  • giving the residents new transnational experiences and motives for their work,
  • enabling young authors, translators and editors to gain an insight into literary scenes of the other two countries, which will increase their chances of future transnational mobility,
  • improving transnational networking between young participants of the creative process in the literary field, which might lead to future transnational collaborations,
  • connecting the residents with local communities and other residents through project activities and the website Tovar.hr which will post information on the project activities, video interviews with writers in residence and their reflections on their experiences during the residency programs and expected outcomes of the project,
  • inspiring other literary authors, translators and editors from these and other European countries to participate in similar transnational programmes in the future. Audience development will be implemented by actively engaging local audiences in literary events: numerous public talks and poetry readings held by residents and other established authors, creative writing workshops for specific target groups, such as immigrants and residents of rural/peripheral areas, children and youth.