Theatrum Mundi-a journey through European performing arts

The project focused on some forms of theatrical traditions present in Italy, Greece, France, Netherlands, such as ‘Commedia dell’ arte’, Ancient Greek Drama, the storytelling tradition, and the meaning of these traditional theatre forms in contemporary multicultural urban contexts. It intended to make assumptions on how theatrical traditions have changed and on how to communicate today the different European theatrical traditions within the
current socio-cultural contexts. The connection of these forms with renewed contexts is a necessary action to innovate the artistic practices, to inspire new visions of the present and future productions, to reach new audiences. The project activities aimed to: improve artists professionalism and careers through the co-working between artists and cultural operators with diverse theatrical backgrounds and languages; involve the audiences in new enriching experiences, getting them closer to artists. The main activities were: an artistic residency with master classes, audience development actions (Theatre Friends and Audience Workgroups; Work Demonstrations and After-Theatre; Host an Artist) and the production of the multicultural performance “The Repetition”; the creation of a multimedia platform, artistic and scientific researches with a publication; touring phases of the new performance production “The Repetition”, in Amsterdam, Athens, Paris, Lecce, including the performance presentation and audience development actions (Open Classes; Masters Days; Open Twinning Days); a final artistic residence with performance presentation and an international conference; a publication and a final video production.

Main results were: an international performance format, as the result of the European artists co-working in residence, toured in the 4 countries; audience development actions; a multimedia platform, including the research results and the artistic activities materials, international conference, a publication on the participatory research, a video on the project actions, the elaboration of innovative artistic methodologies, the promotion of artists’ international career and capacity building.