The resilience of Art in Liquid Crises

This ambitious and relevant work program aimed to deal in artistic and creative way the issue of the actual Crisis in Europe – political-economic-social. This happened through translational exhibitions and performances in Potsdam, Berlin, Graz and Zagreb, artist in residence programs and workshops in Thessaloniki, and a very impact common presence of the project at the 56° Biennale of Venice, and a symposium in Seville.
The quality and “density” of them is remarkable.
Realise and Resit in Venice was the most visible moment but other activities and performance are not to forget.
€UROVISIONS (Live performances live cinema and documentary techniques) was a very strong moment taking you on a trip in Europe and the homelands of newcomers: Travelling, migrants, nomads, tourists and souvenirs are guiding you through time and history. Also the discussion FOR SALE SELL-OUT about “questions of alienation and resilience of societies as well as on the antithetic power and possibilities of individuals in the society” was held successful. THE SOCIETY OF THE SPECTACLE is an original focus on alternative art practices and lectures on the heritage of Guy Debord’s work. Conferences and workshop were also important networking moments of this project.