SHared ARt EXhibitions

Because of rights, contemporary art can rarely be shared over the Internet. This concerns most of the wealth presented by museums, festivals and other cultural mediators.The WallMuse platform features both digital rights management and a strong protection of contents, as well as multi-screen broadcasting. Licences have been negotiated with over a 100 hotel lobbies on all continents, 2 restaurants, an airport area, 130m2 outdoor screens of a new Paris cultural centre. But how can digital collections get involved? SHAREX will demonstrate to curators and professionals how to conceive, develop and broadcast their digital exhibitions with ease and efficiency. With organised digital content, the production of artistic, informative and educational exhibitions are facilitated. The partners will co-develop a set of guides for museums, art centres and festivals/biennales. Why would museums and festivals be interested in additional tasks? What would be the outcomes and potential additional revenues? The partners will co-curate digital exhibitions that will be deployed, indicating audiences and the shared business model to demonstrate outreaching and income generating incentives. What are the new possibilities stemming from digital exhibitions? The partners, through their digital curations, all collaboratively handled, will disseminate best practices. The project will also share secondary research on why quality digital experiences undeniably contribute to the appreciation of collections, exhibitions and festivals. How to reach interested professionals in Europe and internationally? SHAREX will present its results globally at different events and hold its own webinars. A user association will be established under Belgian law to sustain this project and to represent museum, art centre and festivals’ demands regarding contemporary art digital exhibitions, to initiate new projects by facilitating collaborations, and to further disseminate digital exhibition possibilities.