Opera out of Opera

Opera is important Cultural Heritage at European level but nowadays it’s struggling because of self-segregation in Theatres, where it is staged for a knowledged public, while younger generations lack of knowledge and interest about it, and because of its complexity, which makes it complicated and expensive to stage, difficult to understand for non“specialised” spectators. To tackle these issues, the project will implement pilot activities, easily replicable, reaching out to a new audience, experimenting an innovative, deconstructed and co-created “pocket Opera” and organizing itinerant performances outside institutional places. A smartphone application will be developed, to make the audience able to understand the story and actively influence the performance.


The following objectives have been identified:

– creating and experimenting an innovative artwork to bring Opera closer to younger people, reducing its logistic and economic impact,

– developing, using digital technology, an interactive system to help spectators understand the performance through real time translations, providing basic knowledge of Opera and actively involving them,

– experimenting an easily replicable “live performance”, to outreach the public in non institutional places,

– effectively communicating the project vision, objectives and outputs.

The project will produce the following outputs:

– 1 Audience development strategy

– 1 Smartphone APP for audience development during the opera

– 1 Co-created opera (“Pocket Opera”)

– 1 Artistic Residence in Rome

– 4 itinerant performances in Italy, Spain, Greece and Austria

– Communication outputs

The project has a strong and varied partnership,made of leading European institutions in the field of music and performing arts, with highly specific and complementary competences, as well as strong international networks and projects to exploit in order to ensure the realization and dissemination of an efficient project, able to go beyond the partnership itself.