Interfaces is an international, interdisciplinary project where a range of new audiences engage with new music. It unites nine diverse partners from 8 European countries plus several other European and international associate partners, with extensive and varied experience in performing, multi-media, new media, acoustic and electroacoustic research, community action and education. This rich expertise incites each partner to think outside the framework of its “normal” practice and this is key to the creative dimension of the project. We want more people of all ages and demographics to experience and be inspired by contemporary music and to ensure that organisations involved in the Interfaces project have an even stronger focus on attracting audiences and improving the quality and depth of audience experience. Interfaces’ Work Packages are designed to help partner organisations understand, retain and grow their audiences by supporting a number of small and large-scale national, sector-wide or major cross-regional collaborative activities and develop tools and platforms for sharing experience and best practices, for example:- New performance formats, in new innovative spaces, across artistic disciplines using new media for creation and dissemination.- Educational activities including physical outreach and innovative online applications as well as capacity building for partner staff- Research on audience drivers. The geographic distribution of the partnership ensures a wide range of local experience and mobility of artists and cultural workers. Dissemination of the project contents uses a multi-channel and targeted marketing plan. Recording, archiving, broadcasting and proactively dealing with IPR issues ensure that results will continue to reach a large global audience. The partners belong to extensive formal / informal networks, which will be involved in the project to multiply its impact and lead to a platform that will sustainably continue the results of Interfaces.