EUropean Traditions in cultural hERitage and PErformances

EU.T.ER.PE is a project which can give opportunities of integration and cohesion whose aim is to promote a stronger cooperation among the cultural operators, encouraging common activities and artistic events with a special focus on folk and traditional music. Prerogative of the project is to raise awareness and spread the knowledge on traditional musical instruments and popular traditions of each partner through master class, workshops, seminars and performing arts. In collaboration with museums, school of music, companies and artisans manufacturers of musical instruments we will implement activities in order to rediscover the cultural roots of each region. Main activities. 1) Realisation of a serie of concerts. In each country we will organize at least one concert. Local musicians or bands, famous at national level will join soloists representatives of the main excellences of traditional instrument (accordeon, lute/mandolin, tambura/ wooden flute, bagpipe/lyra) and who are selected at European level. In addition to main concerts we will implement other cultural activities such as Surprise concerts. 2) Establishment of a network of museums and cultural operators, institutions and manufacturers involved in the field of handicraft of musical instruments and accessories, local cultures and traditions. Starting from a recognition of the experiences carried out so far in the territories of the project partners countries, we will realize seminars and study visit for the exchange of experiences and good practices. The aim is to point out the cultural needs of each territory, to chart interlocutors, resources, stakeholders and highlight lessons learned. 3) Education activities addressed to young people and musicians. We will identify educational needs on which we will implemet proper formal (master class) and non formal education activities (workshops). The activities will focus on traditional instruments together with elements of history and ethnomusicology.