Europe Beyond Access

Across the performing arts and across Europe disabled artists are pushing the boundaries of form and are presenting audiences, fellow artists and arts professionals with one of the creative opportunities of our time. Europe Beyond Access will support disabled artists to break the glass ceilings of the contemporary theatre & dance sectors: to internationalise their artistic innovations and their careers; to develop a network of leading mainstream organisations with a commitment to present and commission at the highest level; to build European audiences interested in high-quality innovative work by Europe’s disabled artists; and to develop tools and understanding in the wider performing arts market.


Europe Beyond Access will:

1) Contribute to artistic innovation of disabled artists in Europe through improved access to a greater number of creative

development opportunities, countering geographic and aesthetic isolation (ARTIST CENTRIC)

2) Revolutionise the programming palette and possibilities in European performing arts through:

2a) showcasing world-class disability-led work and emerging talent, and helping artists and companies to better

understand their market and how to position their work. (ARTIST CENTRIC)

2b): creating a network of experienced programmers interested in working collaboratively to commission and present

disabled. (BUYER CENTRIC))

3)Increase interest in disability-led work for European performing arts audiences, with greater exposure to and familiarity with innovative work, creating positive associations and improving perceptions of the artistic experience, whilst also

improving access for and engagement by disabled audiences. (AUDIENCE CENTRIC)

3) Create the best possible industry conditions to source, develop, produce and present work of disabled artists through supporting cultural managers to improve the accessibility of their processes and systems. (INDUSTRY CENTRIC)