Departures and Arrivals

[DNA] DEPARTURES AND ARRIVALS contributes to the development of contemporary dance in Europe, building bridges between artistic education and the professional world. [DNA] starts from the artistic and pedagogical project of PARTS in Brussels – an institution whose experimental and international program is developed outside the regular educational system. Departures and Arrivals:. [DNA] offers to a large group of young European dancers a clear Departure: training, research and residency opportunities;. [DNA] always keep the Arrival in mind: the young European choreographers deserve substantial support for creation, production and presentation of their work. The target groups of [DNA]:. talented young European dancers, from all regional and social backgrounds, who choose for an independent and advanced artistic education;. young professional choreographers who graduated from PARTS;. young graduates from a select group of European dance schools (Amsterdam, Berlin, Essen, Toulouse, Stockholm);. all artists under 36 years old from Hungary, Greece, Latvia, Portugal and Serbia, since these countries do not have a high level school for contemporary dance. The main tasks of [DNA]:. [DNA] intensively recruits talented young dancers all over Europe and offers solid grants for their residence of 2 or 3 years in another country;. [DNA] makes the PARTS experience available to a much larger community: set up of 2-year Research Studios programs, open to all young professionals; organisation of an annual Summer School, sharing the pedagogical model of PARTS on a more basic level with a large group of young dancers;. [DNA] helps young promising European artists enter the field of professional work, offering long-term residencies and professional coaching, co-production of new works, presentation and dissemination of these works. [DNA] supports international co-productions and touring. A new generation is enabled to perform for new audiences and to conquer new territories.