Creative Lenses

Creative Lenses is a four-year project dedicated to strengthening and developing the business capacity and sustainability of European cultural and creative players, enabling them to better deliver innovative, exciting and relevant arts and cultural programmes, deepening their relationship with current and new audiences alike. This objective will be achieved by providing cultural players with skills, competencies and know-how, which will reinforce the sector’s professionalisation and capacity to operate trans-nationally; allow for greater programme success and impact; promote long-term sustainability with the possibility for the next generation of artists and cultural workers to increase innovation and reach more audiences, attracting increasing numbers of citizens to participate in culture. Creative Lenses will be delivered by a partnership of 13 cultural centres, universities, city authorities, networks and cultural agencies that have the combined expertise and capacity to produce a project that will have lasting effects on the European cultural landscape. This will be achieved by a process that includes research, training, Action Learning, capacity building and international networking, resulting in 21 workshops, 2 Cultural Conferences, 8 forums, 8 artistic productions, a book, a ‘developing successful business models for culture toolkit’ and a unique digital benchmarking tool for the sector. The legacy of the project will be the know-how, tools and support mechanisms required for the European cultural sector to effectively respond to the current realities and future possibilities of artists and cultural workers. In these times of challenge and uncertainty, Creative Lenses is a concentrated attempt to devise new ways of working that will provide cultural organisations with the possibility to move into the future with confidence, allowing for the continued development of arts and culture throughout Europe.

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