Composer Collider Europe

“Composer Collider Europe – CCE” is a series of transnational activities for composition students / alumni from three partner universities, offering them the opportunity to cooperate with professional composers / professors and Ensemble Musikfabrik. As a “junior support train“, the young composers would improve their artistic and technical composing skills through exchange with their peers and Ensemble Musikfabrik, learn to communicate their musical goals with professional musicians in an efficient way, build networks and profit from exemplary performances and recordings, and start their international career. CCE is based on 3 columns:1. CCE-Workshops (specific target-group, developing new compositions)2. Spielbar (amateurs, new music experiences without professional skill requirements)3. Concerts (broader audience).First the participating universities each select four young composers, who will then start to work on a new composition. An initial get-together with musical consultations is meant as an opportunity to get acquainted with each other, exchange first ideas and try out the Spielbar format. In 58 workshop-rehearsals and 6 concerts the compositions are developed and presented, while 10 public Spielbar workshops engage audiences and qualify the composers for outreach. The set priorities of the CCE project are:• Capacity building (training & education): deepening of technical composing skills and communication strategies for successful artistic creation; network and portfolio building• Transnational mobility: Aesthetic exchange and cultural dialogue between young composers, professional musicians, international audiences• Audience development: Audience outreach through low barrier workshops with artistic experiences as a bridge to contemporary music concerts • Sustainability: showing contemporary music as part of our European cultural heritage and identity, model concepts for follow-up projects.