Caravan Next – Feed the future: Art moving cities

Caravan NEXT is a European project of Social and Community Theatre (SCT) developed by a partnership of 13 interdisciplinary organizations in 11 EU countries. Caravan NEXT utilizes the work done by the previous European project Caravan Artists on the Road in order to transform it into a lasting reality with a strong EU identity starting from the research of a new type of relationship with the audience. The goal will be the development of an Integrated European System of SCT for the international exchange of professional cultural products with a durable and sustainable perspective, promoting the collaboration among SCT artists and professionals in the international arena, with a particular attention to all EU areas. The basis of the artistic activities, is the creation of a cultural intervention model, transferable to audience development. Caravan NEXT is supported by the usage of digital media technologies and the creation of multimedia content for the web and mass media distribution. The project will create 30 SCTevents in 30 EU cities. The events consider the city as a large open-air theater or square of local art connected at the EU level (GLOCAL) where citizens, together with actors, artists, creative people and digital technologies experts, prepare the community for its own community, theatrical event to speak about a topic: Feed the future: European challenges of the second millennium. The project will produce: 30 paths of audience development | 5 MACRO Events | 25 MICRO Events | 5 interactive conferences | 5 Conferences outside the EU | 10 workshops on capacity building for professionals | dozens of multimedia productions | 1 home social web | 1 Open source App | 1 original movie | 1 photobook | 1 Scientific Publication of the results. In addition to the co-organizing partners of the project, 25 associated partners will be involved from 15 European countries and 5 partners outside EU, for a total of 43 institutions in the network.