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What is the Innovation Lab of the Cross-Sector of the Creative Europe Programme?

The call for the Creative Innovation Lab, under the Cross-Sectoral Strand of the Creative Europe Programme, seeks to encourage new forms of creation that are at the “intersection” between different cultural and creative sectors, through, for example, experimental approaches and the use of innovative technologies.

The Creative Innovation Lab incentivizes actors from different cultural and creative sectors, including audiovisual, to design and test innovative solutions to key challenges, with potential positive long-term impact across multiple cultural and creative sectors.

The Creative Innovation Lab supports the design, development and/or dissemination of innovative tools, models or solutions applicable to audiovisual and other cultural and creative fields. Activities will aim to support competitiveness, ecological process, cooperation, circulation, visibility, availability, diversity and/or common culture, in all areas. These activities must contain high reproduction potential in the audiovisual and other cultural and creative fields.

Cross-sectoral cooperation in the creative and/or cultural sectors, including the audiovisual sector, is at the heart of the call.

Applications must therefore clearly demonstrate the extent of the cross-sectoral approach, the conditions for its implementation and the expected benefits for the subsidized sectors.

Deadline for proposals: 20 April 2023.

You can find the invitation HERE.

The maximum amount of co-financing reaches 60% of the total project budget.

Bodies that are legal entities can make a proposal.

Projects must have a maximum duration of 24 months.