European Platforms

Creative Europe supports groups of organisations (platforms) in the cultural sectors to promote European artists, creators and emerging talents so as to collaborate across borders, to find new audiences and stimulate European programming of non-national works.


The funding supports platforms to undertake communication activities and to develop a European branding strategy, including creating a European quality label.


Platforms will help increase the number of European cultural performances in participating countries, as well as the impact on new audiences.


Eligible projects:


The participation of at least ten (10) cultural organisations which highlight and promote European artists through a platform, managed by a coordination body, is necessary.

The coordinating body has to select the members of the platform, according to a number of certain criteria.


The maximum grant per specific agreement awarded under the framework partnership agreement is EUR 500,000 per year.


Financial contributions from the EU cannot exceed 80% of the total eligible costs of the project.


Next and final call: July 2016


Deadline: 1st Wednesday October 2016


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