The project Artecitya looks into the question of our urban environment. How is it perceived by us ? What role can play the culture in view of the citizens’ involvement in these transformation processes in the public space ?Eight European partners from artistic, architectural and new technologies’ field will work together during four years in view of proposing a set of activities which enable a concrete answer to these problems. The cycle Metapolis completed by a tender for European projects among artists and architects, will propose practical applications and concrete answers on the ground through the creation and in close collaboration with the citizens in the areas where we will intervene.The cycle Urbanities will complete the experience gained through a theoretical approach aiming at taking stock of the European initiatives carried out as participative art. Training sessions, exchange of expertise going to the cultural professional actors and those to be trained, we wish that the multidisciplinary approach of the project Aretecitya will prove beneficial not only for the professionals but also the general public who will thus take advantage of a diversified cultural approach. Similarly three innovating projects on the financial independence of artistic projects developed in relation with the public space will be developed and supported during four years in view of the sustainability of the project Artecitya.During four years, artists, architects, sociologists, citizens will be working and acting together in order to rethink, re-invest and re-invent the towns of tomorrow.