New publication by the Creative Europe Programme: Music projects

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The European Commission supports music under an integrated approach called Music Moves Europe, and it does so in terms of funding, policy support, regulatory measures and dialogue. This brochure presents inspiring examples of music projects funded by Creative Europe across different schemes (European Cooperation projects, Refugee integration projects, European Platforms and European Networks). More than 120 music projects (among which approximately 73 small and 25 large cooperation projects, 2 Refugees integration projects, 9 platforms and 5 networks) have been financed by Creative Europe during the period 2014- 2019 for over 80 million EUR. The projects address a wide variety of music genres (opera, jazz, classical music, pop&rock, electronic, traditional music, contemporary music, music for youth, etc.) and a number of common cross-cutting themes (for example gender balance or cultural heritage).

Among those projects, there are several regarding Greek music organisations, such as:

  • IME with KSDEO EDRA (p. 29)
  • Opera Out of Opera with ART-ON (p. 49)
  • NIMPE with MESO (p. 54)
  • EURPAVOX PROJECT with FUZZ Club (p. 59)
  • JUMP with MESO (p. 62)
  • MEDINEA (p. 64)

Please click  HERE to read the brochure (in English).