The European Commission publishes two studies of “Music Moves Europe”

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Under the 2018 Preparatory action on music, the European Commission launched several studies to address the main challenges in the music sector to

  • improve the poor data availability
  • develop a better understanding of the market trends as well as sustainable mechanisms on how to monitor them
  • identify data and funding needs

Two corresponding studies are now published:

The respective consortia for both studies carried out broad consultations, and representative music organisations were closely involved at all stages of their preparation and the resulting recommendations.

The data for both studies and their analysis reflects the “pre-Corona” situation. The current crisis urges to address the music sector issues that both studies tackle, namely the lack of robust data and the funding gaps.

The European Commission looks forward to discussing the findings of these studies in an EU context, involving also Member States’ experts, and exploring how the EU can contribute to the sustainable development of the music sector.

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